i see a little silhouetto of a man...

spare me my life from this monstrosity!

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oh boy
waaahhhhh!!! finally i'm back again.

balik day-shift na ako, weekend-off. i gotta say, i really hate this shifting schedule. it makes me sick, literally.

i want a new job!!!!! but it's so difficult to find one that meets my current salary. i would like to have a job that i would love even if it pays a little, but i have to pay bills and stuff. living alone is not that easy, i might say. yes, it's fun and i'm free, but i have to pay for it--again, literally.

i miss my friends. i miss learning about art. i miss posting these stupid things.

the only thing that's keeping me sane (or not) is pau. good thing.


i discovered online paper-doll/dress-up games that i adore. www.y8.com is such a hit in my office. kahit bawal, sige laro lang pag avail time.


smart internet sucks. but at least i get to go online now.


god i'm such a loser. i'm like a little kid lost... 0_o

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For people like us, we need to be creative in terms of how we handle our finances. Being able to do things that make us happy takes more work.

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