i see a little silhouetto of a man...

spare me my life from this monstrosity!

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Beauty with brains...
okay, this is not really about the photos and the details of the celebrities, but the comments of the readers.

go ahead and read from the Emma Thompson entry hanggang sa comments. they just made me laugh.

Guy: Yeah, it’s nice that they have degrees, but the literature courses are the kind in which you could manage to have a fair mark by writing bulls*it on the exams and by renting out the movies instead of reading the assigned books. As long as you are a native English speaker and you have a good intuition for spelling, you’re good to go. Plenty of slow-witted people get through university fine (usually not in science or engineering) and plenty of intelligent people just don’t make university a priority (unfortunately for many).

Engineer: I got an english degree while I was studying mechanical engineering because it was just too damn easy. I could take a couple english classes and pretend to pay attention and get another degree. If it weren’t for all us genius engineers, you’d be sitting in a cardboard box in the middle of an empty field playing with yourself. What has reading all those books and studying the song of words done for you? Not a damn thing.


ooookaaaayyyyyyy..... 0_o

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idiots. what these engineering/science dudes don't realize is that all other courses depend on reading and communication skills. Who do they think wrote the books from which they learned a good part of the things they learned through their courses? And much of what made the world progress to what it is now was passed on through written tradition. And writing isn't just being able to write, it's being able to write in a way that will catch the readers' attention.

yeah. it just show how little these "smart" people know :p

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